Special Pizza Deals for Your Fundraising Event

Get Our Pizzas Catered to Your Fundraising Event

Lou'ees Pizza offers special deals to community groups who are organizing a fundraiser. Call us at 484-668-1459 for more information!

We cater to all fundraising events, including:
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Little Leagues
  • Athletics
  • Local causes

Our Catering Services for Fundraisers

We love giving back to the community that has made us successful. That is why we are proud to cater for fundraisers, or offer coupons to be sold at fundraisers.

We feel that what benefits the community benefits us, our customers, and our store as well. Visit us at 500 Hawk Ridge Dr today.
FREE pizza delivery is available! 
Call Dave or John Dean at 610-562-7700 
to learn more about our pizza deals for fundraising events.
We love supporting our community. That is why we offer special DISCOUNTS and catering services to groups hosting a fundraiser.
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